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BetFriend – Work Experience


BetFriend, an upcoming establishment, hired me to program their website which will be served to thousands of users online. In this project, my main job was to design and program a responsive interface and a clean, robust and an efficient backend in PHP for the site. At first, the job looked quite complex to do, but then, after a bit of research, I found out about this thing called top-down design. This really helped me! It was very easy to follow this approach. All I did was, I broke the complex problem into smaller manageable problems in a hierarchical manner, which enabled me to program this website in a modularised manner.

You might wonder how that helped me? It helped me achieve Separation of Concerns very easily! I was able to write very clean and easy to test code which really boosted my productivity, and it actually allowed me to spend more time testing than writing code to ensure no bugs existed in the program. And upon delivery, this is how my client reviewed my service:

“Quick service, professional, neat code with great after service!”


Interface of BetFriend. Also, ignore the dummy text.

Throughout this project, I used various technologies such as Composer, Laravel framework and Bootstrap framework. I used the markup languages Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) along with the Bootstrap framework to code the visual appearance of the site. To add a bit of liveliness in to the site, I used the language JavaScript with the jQuery framework. For the backend, I made use of Composer to import the Laravel framework, which is what powers the site and the language which runs the backend is obviously PHP. My choice of using the Laravel framework is due to its’ popularity. Since my client requested to mainly focus on maintainability of the code, Laravel looked like the best option to me.

After completing the specified job, I also provided a 3 months after sale service which included fixing any bugs and errors of the system. Although I promised a 3 month only after sale service, I did usually fix bugs for my client when he spotted any in the system. Currently, my client, maintains his site himself, and has added multiple features to his site himself. I hope his site becomes a great success, and I will definitely update this article with the link to his site once he has opened his site to public.

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Hassan Althaf is a self taught programmer who has taught him self how to code by learning various languages from the internet.

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