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An Alarm Application, programmed in Java.

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This is a simple and easy to use alarm application programmed by me using Java after once coding it, having it for review and then re-working on it. For the Graphical User Interface, I used JavaFX considering that Swing is now a bit old. This is very simple to see, you enter the hours, minutes and seconds to countdown for the alarm to start ringing. However, a draw back is that it will not work if you close the application. You need to at least keep it minimised for it to work. It is multi-platform, and works on all desktop based operating systems that Java supports. You can generate a jar, or use the one provided in the dist/ directory. I recommend you strongly to use Java 8 to run this application. This application is tested for Java8u60 update.

You can visit the GitHub repository here for the source code and files.

The user interface on Mac OS X

The user interface on Mac OS X